Aquisitions and Dispositions

What’s the story?

The O’Donnell Group actively acquires existing properties and portfolios.

The properties must have a compelling reason to be a candidate for acquisition.
Common questions include:

  • Is the acquisition cost below replacement cost?
  • Do current cash flows yield returns in excess of market returns?
  • Is the asset poorly managed?
  • If there are multiple buildings, can they be sold individually to users and investors?
  • Does the property have functional obsolescence that can be rectified?
  • Does the property have significant and immediate upside potential?
  • Is the asset leased at below market rents?

Due to our strong broker relationships, The O’Donnell Group has developed a network of brokers who then funnel opportunities that meet the aforementioned criteria.

After a thorough review and understanding of any given market’s cycle, The O’Donnell Group relies on its many years of experience to advise its clients on exit and disposition strategies.

Timing and having a thorough understanding of the real estate market is critical.  In order to maximize any disposition strategies, The O’Donnell Group has consistently demonstrated its ability to predict and interpret the real estate market in order to maximize the benefits to our clients.

In reference to acquisitions, The O’Donnell Group is uniquely positioned with the brokerage community and private and institutional buyers to maximize exposure of the investment to ensure the highest possible proceeds on an individual property or portfolio sale.